Event Handlers

Updated: April 3, 2024

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To let you understand what event handlers are we can do a parallel with:

  • Triggers in a database,
  • Events on event-based programming patterns like in VBA, JavaScript, ...

disabling a feature
To disable a feature, click on the toggle button at the top-right of your screen.

You'll read more about event handlers in the developer documentation.

Creating an Event Handler

Event Handler Creation
Event Handler Creation
  • Feature ID: The id of the document type. Will be used as the technical Id at generation.

Editing an Event Handler

Event Handler Edition
Event Handler Edition

Event Handler Definition

  • Events: Select a list of events for which the automation chain referenced later will be processed. If you don't find the event you are looking for, you can add a new one using the registries.
  • Is Asynchroneous: The automation chain bound to the event will be processed asynchroneously, outside the transaction. More details on the developer documentation.This is an advanced option, most of the time you won't check this option.

Event Handler Enablement

See the Filtering Options Reference Page.

Event Handler Execution

  • Selecting an existing operation: the selected automation chain will be executed for the events selected in the Event Handler definition section