Nuxeo Online Services Portal

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The Nuxeo Online Services portal gives you access to information about each of your Nuxeo-based applications and the services that have been enabled.

Available information includes:

  • Your dashboard
  • Your applications
  • Your tokens
  • Distributions
  • Documentation


The dashboard provides a view of your applications, the latest maintenance fixes published and information about the Early Access Program at a glance.

My Applications

On my applications tab, you can create a new trial Studio Project, and open your Studio projects in one click.

To access your project settings, click on its name. You can also access existing instances and register a new instance.

My Tokens

This tab lists all the tokens enabled on your account. Tokens can be created and revoked from this view.

Token can be used wherever you need to provide credentials to access the NOS APIs and the Studio maven repository. Once your token is created, you can see it only once, so save it carefully. Then use it as you would your password to gain access to previously mentioned services. We recommend using one token per client application.

See the Token Management page, for more information.


The distribution page provides the list of all the Nuxeo Platform versions to download.


The documentation tab provides a guide on how to create JIRA tickets to benefit from Support.


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