November 5, 2017

Updated: July 11, 2024

With this version, Studio Designer is now available as public beta. Studio Designer allows you to configure Nuxeo Server's Web UI more easily!

Studio Designer Public Beta Availability

Studio Designer, our newest addition, is now entering a public beta phase.

If you wish to give it a try:

  • Go to your project's application definition screen.

Application Definition
Application Definition

  • Add the Web UI dependency (available for Nuxeo Server LTS 2016 and above), then save.

Web UI Dependency
Web UI Dependency

You will then be able to switch between Studio Modeler and Studio Designer at anytime by using the buttons at the top right of your screen.

Studio button Modeler Designer
Studio button Modeler Designer

Should you wish to become a Studio Designer expert, feel free to read the Studio Designer documentation or learn with video tutorials.

Noticeable Bug Fixes

  • When using the "title with link" widget, download icon now appears as expected (NXS-4299).
  • When using the document id in conjunction with the IN operator in a page provider, generated XML is now appropriate (NXS-4289).

More information about bugs fixed in this version is available in our bugtracking tool.