Automation Scripting

Updated: November 4, 2022

Automation Scripting is a Nuxeo module which provides ability to create and contribute Automation chain/operation in JavaScript.

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Automation scripting is still in Beta state: It is subject to frequent improvements or user experience changes that may require you to update your script when going out of the Beta state. One of the improvements that will come in the future is a validation of your script. Currently, Nuxeo Studio does not check whether your script can be correctly interpreted by Nuxeo Platform once it is deployed. Don't forget to wrap your code within the run function.

Scripting Editor

The Scripting Editor tab enables you to add JavaScript code using auto-completion.

  • Autocompletion: For instance, start typing Create and select the operation Collection.Create.

    The operation function is added to the script.

  • Disable Helper Comment: The description of the operation is displayed as comments by default. Check the box Disable Helper Comments to stop adding descriptions with operations.

  • Input and Output types: in order to use Automation scripting into Automation Chains, input and output types of the script can be defined. For Automation Chains scripting injection, please find custom scripts into Scripting category as follow:

  • Javascript editor validator: to help you debugging and writing JavaScript code, Studio Automation scripting editor displays potential code issues:

  • Platform functions: Platform function helpers are now available in Automation scripting and can be found under 'Fn' object:


The Parameters tab to add custom parameters accessible through the params field.