June 2021

Updated: November 4, 2022

Save Command

A new Ctrl + S command is active on all modeler pages, which will save and/or commit as it currently works with the save button. Please note that this feature is not active inside pop-ups already proposing a save button, and a error message appears to this effect.

Marketplace Improvements

We've fixed a bug that duplicated Package screenshots on the Marketplace, as well as minor formatting changes in the Description. Links added in the Marketplace package description presented a formatting error that made certain not working, this has been fixed.

Studio Project Naming Convention

We will allow to download Studio versions with 1 or 2 digits, instead of enforcing 3.

Dependent Studio Projects

As part of our ongoing work to make Multi-level architectures possible between several Studio Projects, we have made a number of technical changes. These changes will impact only users that include in their Studio dependencies another Studio project. If you're concerned, please contact our support teams.

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