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The Application Definition page enables you to manage the requirements of your Nuxeo Studio project and your application.

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Main Options

  • Nuxeo Server Version: Studio will generate valid configuration for this Nuxeo Server version.
  • Packages to Install: The list of additional dependencies needed to make your application work. Selected dependencies will be automatically installed when you deploy your Nuxeo Studio configuration on your server.

Any public addon available in the Nuxeo Marketplace can be selected here: type a character to start filtering them. Options are shown with their title and description.

Addons that display a Studio tag bring additional options into Studio like new screens or options, making their configuration easier.

No change is kept until you manually press the save button, and pending changes are shown so that you can tell what will be added or removed and undo it if necessary.

Upgrading to a Newer Nuxeo Server version

When upgrading to a newer Nuxeo Version, Nuxeo Studio will automatically adapt the configuration to it. Some exceptions requiring a manual change may still happen and are listed in the specific upgrade instructions page.

When a previously selected package is not available for your newer Nuxeo Server version, Nuxeo Studio will list it in the pending changes and warn you about it.

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