Overview of Account Management Changes with 2023.1 Release

Updated: June 20, 2024

What Happened?

The 2023.1 release of Nuxeo Online Services brings changes to the functionality of the Connect User Management feature area.

What Has Changed in Account Management?

These changes enable administrators to create user groups and services. Services provide access to a group of projects. This feature empowers Connect administrators to establish sub-organizations comprising specific user groups with access to designated project sets. This holds particular significance for organizations granting access to external users like partners or managing multiple concurrent projects.

Release Notes

Find the release notes at:


Does the Request to Create a New Service Require Approval?

Yes, creating services still requires approval from our Support organization. When a service is requested, a Jira ticket is generated, containing essential information about the new service and its creator. Support manages this ticket, utilizing its details or supplementary information from the user if necessary.

When I Create a New Project, Will It Create a New Service?

When a trial project is initiated, both a base maintenance service and a studio service are automatically created. These services are time-limited trial versions, with expiry dates displayed on the services page. For non-trial projects within an organization, no additional services are generated. Administrators can subsequently add the project to newly established services. Note that a service requires at least one associated project to be functional. New projects adhere to their expiry dates as defined by the client contract.

What Kinds of Services Exist and How Are They Different?

There are four service types:

  1. Base Maintenance Services: These services register instances for one or more applications.
  2. Studio Services: Studio services facilitate the creation of Nuxeo Studio projects for one or more applications. Nuxeo Studio projects embody low-code applications designed within Nuxeo.
  3. Support Services: Support services grant users access to Jira.
  4. Combination of Studio and Support Services: As described above. Why Are There Studio Services and Base Maintenance Services Called “Unknown”?

    Nameless services are labeled as "Unknown," and currently, their names cannot be altered. Such services might be auto-generated, like those accompanying trial instances. It's important to note that the services page enumerates associated projects for each service.

    Can Two Services Have the Same Name?

    Yes, services can share identical names.

    What Happens After the End Date of a Service?

    Once a service's end date is reached, it becomes invalid. For instance, users accessing studio projects through a studio service lose Nuxeo Studio access for linked projects upon service expiration.

    Can a Project Have an End Date After the Base Maintenance Service Expires?

    In the absence of a valid base maintenance service for a Connect instance, users can still access the interface but cannot publish studio packages. Technically, a studio service can possess an end date subsequent to a base maintenance service's expiration. Note that the duration of the base maintenance service aligns with the client contract's terms. Contact our Support team for potential changes.

    If I Add the Email of an Existing User and Later Assign a Different Name, Does the Name Change Impact Billing?

    In this scenario, the user is added, but any alterations to the first and/or last name are disregarded.

    How Can I Change the Number of Available Seats?

    The number of available seats corresponds to the client contract. Contact our Support team to discuss potential adjustments to seat availability.