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Select the Nuxeo JSF UI target package in your Application Definition for the Content View feature to be available.

If you selected the Search content view flag on the Query & form tab of the content view, you get an additional Enablement tab. This tab allows you to define under which circumstances the content view should be displayed in the Search tab drop down list. It shows the options below:

  • Action order: Select the place of your content view in the Search drop down list. 0 makes the content view the default one.
  • Current user is a member of: Indicate if the user needs to be member of a specific group to be displayed the search form.
  • Current user is administrator: Indicate if the search should be restricted to administrators.
  • Custom EL expression: See the page Understand Expression and Scripting Languages Used in Nuxeo.

Content View Enablement tab
Content View Enablement tab

You can report to the page Filtering Options Reference Page for more information about each of these options.

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