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How to Tag or Release Your Nuxeo Studio Project

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How to Tag Your Studio Project 

In order to identify specific state of your work, you may want to tag any given commit. Once created, you will find your tag in the tags list on the  Releases &Releases & Tags page Tags page, which will allow you to download, revert your working state to that specific tagged state, etc.

From the Branch Management page:

  1. Click on the Tag button next to the commit that you want to tag. 
  2. Fill in the pop-up window with a tag name and a description.
      The On Commit field is in read-only and automatically filled, it will display the name of the tag where the release is done.
  3. Click on Ok. Your project is tagged. 

Once you have created a new tag, it will be available from the tags tab on the Releases & Tags page, where you will be available to manage your tags. 


How to Release Your Studio Project 

A release is considered as a tested and validated version of your project. Once created, you will be able to use this stable version in production.

From the Branch Management page:

  1. Click on the Release button next to the commit that you want to release. 
  2. Fill in the pop-up window: 
    All the fields will be pre-filled but you can modify the released version and prepare your next version by checking the Next version box. You will be able to choose the type of your release or to create a custom one with a qualifier. 

Once your release is created, it will be available in your instance, in Update Center >  Nuxeo Studio. The released set of corrections is displayed in the  Production mode section. You can now install like you would install a nuxeo package

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