April 17, 2018

Updated: November 4, 2022

This release makes it easier to create a document type when using Web UI.

Easier Document Type Creation Process

When configuring a document type, the SVG icon option is now available if your application has a dependency to the Web UI addon.

SVG Icon
SVG Icon

From there, you can select any SVG file available in the Studio project resources or upload your own. This file will automatically be used in Web UI's document creation popup dialog.

If you have already configured your document type icons by uploading the corresponding files in Designer's Resources tab, they can be kept and will override the configuration made in the SVG icon field.

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • When using Web UI, the Resolution Actions tab is now available to configure your workflow tasks buttons (NXS-4689).
  • Tabs in automation scripting are now consistent (converted to 2 spaces in both manually written and auto-formatted scripts) (NXS-4691).

More information about bugs fixed in this version is available in our bugtracking tool.

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