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Document Templates

Document templates are used as conversion instructions, to render XML, HTML, CSV or any open format from a document or a list of documents, using specific rendering operations.
You can use document templates to:

  • handle business data on content types and generate a nicer presentation for publishing, export, etc.
  • create a file from document properties and create file on demand.

disabling a feature
To disable a feature, click on the toggle button at the top-right of your screen.

For more information on Document Templates, discover how to quickly generate a PDF using document template and check the Nuxeo Template Rendering addon which is leveraging the templates mechanism.

Mail Templates

A mail template defines the content of an email sent to users under predefined circumstances. A mail template is usually composed of text and variables. Typically, they are used to define the content of email alerts in the Nuxeo Platform.

It can be used in the "Notification > Send Email" operation, or when notification emails are sent during a workflow. It can also be used for any event occuring in the platform.

Mail templates can use properties from the Document object or the Workflow task properties.

When downloading the Nuxeo Platform, users will access some default mail templates. However, they can also create them manually.

Template Usage
appReviewStarted Informs users that review has started on a document.
defaultNotifTemplate By default, informs users a document has been shared with them and that the sender wants them to see the document.
emailDocument Informs users a document has been shared with them by its principal author.
modif Informs users that a modification occurred on a document.
publish Informs users of a publication.
subscriptionsUpdated Informs users of their subscription to a document.
workflow Indicates a summary of the action executed on a workflow instance.
workflowTaskAssigned Informs users that a task has been assigned to them or to a group they belong to.
workflowTaskDelegated Informs users that a task has been delegated to them or to a group they belong to.

For more information on Email templates, discover the available variables in mail templates and how to customize them.

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