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Updated: July 11, 2024

JSF UI Deprecation
This requires to have the JSF UI addon installed on your server that is deprecated since Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019.
Please refer to the Web UI documentation.

Default search configuration is defined the Search menu item in Nuxeo Platform 6.0. For previous version, it is set in the Advanced Search menu entry.

From Nuxeo Platform 6.0 the Search menu item enables you to set up a new Default Search form to replace the one available in the Nuxeo Platform Search tab. The Advanced search menu item available for previous versions of the platform enables to define a new Advanced search form.

It is basically a content view that is preset to be a search content view. So it shows the same tabs and configuration features as a content view with the differences below.

  • Logically the Flags section of the content view definition is not displayed here.
  • Since it is meant to replace the default search, it doesn't show the Enablement tab available for other search content views. (From Nuxeo Platform 6.0)

Please report to the Content Views documentation.

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