Node Variables Tab

Updated: November 4, 2022

Node Variables Tab
Node Variables Tab

Workflow variables: you can select the workflow variables that you will need on this node.

Node variables are useful for instance for capturing data from the user through the node form, and then do something with that data in the output automation chain. You can edit those variables the same way you would edit a schema.

  • Name and Prefix: You don't have to modify this.
  • Add variable: Adds a new row on the variables table.
  • Delete variable: Deletes selected variable. You can select only one variable at a time.
  • Table columns:

    • Name: Used to reference the variables later.
    • Type: The type of the value that is going to be stored. This type has an impact on the available widgets in the forms.
    • Edit: Press this button to decide which field constraints to set for this variable.
    • Multi-Valued: Check the box if we need to store multiple values of the same type on this field.
    • Default: The default value of the variable.

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