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Discover upcoming and recent changes in Nuxeo Studio.

Upcoming Changes

More Consistent Layouts

When creating a Create, Edit or Import layout, the title field is automatically set as required to keep consistency with the default Web UI behavior.

New Options in Page Provider Screen

  • file:content sub-fields are exposed when defining an aggregate: to configure searches on file size or file MIME type for instance.

  • ecm:ancestorId is exposed in both predicates and aggregates: can be used as an alternative to ecm:path when you know the document id instead.

Polymer 3 Migration

Compatibility for Nuxeo Studio with Polymer 3 to keep our technical stack up to date.

Upcoming Bugfixes

  • Ability to use complex multivalued fields in page provider predicates (NXS-5191)
  • Workflow resolution actions not displayed when there are several of them (NXS-5201)
  • Branches should not be able to be merged when you have work in progress (NXS-5215)

More information about upcoming changes is available in our bug tracking tool.

Recently Released Changes

Easier Search Configuration

Required Fields Mapping in Search and Listings Configuration

When configuring a UI element for a search or a listing, schemas and names coming from your page provider predicates and aggregates are prefilled to ensure a quicker configuration.

When updating the configuration of the page provider, a warning in Designer appears to inform you that you need to update the UI configuration as well.

Improved Default Configuration for Search Elements

Studio generates checkboxes instead of drop-down lists by default when drag and dropping aggregates in your layouts configuration.

Automatic Range Label Usage

When configuring range aggregates, if no translation has been defined, Studio uses their label by default.

[Impacting Change] Layout Blocks Scope Fix

Layout blocks no longer list all custom elements you created so far. Instead they contain specifically form layouts:

  • migrated from your JSF UI configuration.
  • created from the Studio user interface.

As a consequence, layout blocks that were created previously may no longer appear in the list. Note that this is just a visual change: they are still available in your project and you can keep using them. To display them in the layout blocks list again, all you need to do is to move them inside the UI/forms folder using the actions at your disposal in the resources tab of Studio Designer.

Override Default Web UI Configuration

In Studio Designer, click on a default configuration item to see how it is configured, and possibly tweak it. If you break anything, it is possible at any time to go back to the original configuration by using a reset button.

For more information, see How to Override Existing Contributions.

Default Theme Selection

Choose the theme to use by default in one click (NXS-4891).

For more information, discover How to Customize Themes.

Parameters Mapping in Search and Listings Configuration

When configuring a UI element for a search or a listing, search parameters are visible right away. The corresponding JavaScript expression benefits from autocompletion (NXS-5122).

For more information, see our use case.

More information about released changes is available in our bug tracking tool.

Previous Release Notes

Release Date Summary
March 2019 Easier search configuration, override Web UI default configuration, select your default theme in a click.
February 2019 Introducing the Layout Blocks and Git Status bar as well as an easier folderish documents configuration.
January 2019 Studio Designer interface improvements.
December 2018 Faster layouts configuration.
November 2018 Firefox support for Studio Designer, performance improvements, drag and drop schema properties in Studio Designer and information about your subscription status.
October 2018 Develop faster with Git access and Quick Switcher, JSF to Web UI migration early access release.
September 2018 Introducing Git access for Studio Designer.
June 2018 Application definition supports private package selection, introducing token management for enhanced security.
May 2018 Selecting dependencies makes their content automatically available for use in Studio. There are several other usability improvements in Studio Designer that make life easier.
April 2018 This release makes it easier to create a document type when using Web UI.
April 2018 You can now configure your project as a real application containing dependencies on any public addon without having to make a dedicated custom bundle. This release also brings improvements to our Maven integration.
March 2018 A REST API to trigger Studio releases, a revamped editor for page providers results and the ability to declare constraints for workflow variables and node variables.

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