Nuxeo Studio Release Notes

Updated: June 23, 2020

Discover upcoming and recent changes in Nuxeo Studio.

Upcoming Changes

Self-service User Management

The connect dashboard will integrate an interface for you to manage your users without having to send requests to our support team anymore.

More Upcoming Changes

More information about upcoming changes is available in our bug tracking tool.

Recently Released Changes

Properties Filtering in Layouts

When configuring layouts visually, a quick search lets you filter through the options you can drag and drop.

properties filtering

Layout Blocks Drag and Drop

When configuring document layouts, your layout blocks are available from the toolbox just as you expect them to be. Dragging and dropping a layout block shows its whole content so that you get a more realistic preview.

layout blocks catalog

Layout Blocks Configuration Experience

When configuring a layout block, get the ability to undo / redo your changes and keyboard shortcuts.

New Look for the Dashboard

Your dashboard at has a brand new look.

connect dashboard look update
connect dashboard look update

Default Role Change

On new Studio projects, developers get write access by default to the underlying Studio Git repository instead of read. It is still possible to switch back to read access as an option.

Widgets Drag and Drop Instead of Mode

When configuring a document type or a workflow task layout, each property in the tree offers a list of available widgets (e.g. text input, text area), that you can drag and drop instead of a view and edit mode.

Simplified Layout Blocks Configuration Experience

When configuring a layout block:

  • no need to choose a template anymore
  • naming experience is reviewed to make the expected naming pattern more explicit

Other Noteworthy Mentions

  • "System" schema is not added when configuring a UI element related to a page provider, to prevent errors (NXS-5876)

Learn More

More information about released changes and fixed bugs is available in our bug tracking tool.

Previous Release Notes

 Release Date  Summary
June 2020 Improved layout blocks experience
May 2020 Widgets Drag and Drop Instead of Mode
April 2020 Improved Visual Layout Configuration Experience
February / March 2020 Custom icons support, security improvements
January 2020 Automatically switch to a new branch
December 2019 Layout Inheritance for faster layout configuration

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