Nuxeo Studio Release Notes

Updated: January 13, 2020

Discover upcoming and recent changes in Nuxeo Studio.

Upcoming Changes

[Possible Action Required] Security Improvements - Be Prepared!

Nuxeo Online Services will be improved in the next couple of months to enhance security, and may require actions on your end. Learn how to get prepared for the change.

Custom Icons Support

In Studio Designer, a new option will let you upload a custom SVG icon for your buttons and drawer menu entries.

More Upcoming Changes

More information about upcoming changes is available in our bug tracking tool.

Recently Released Changes

Automatically Switch to a New Branch

When creating a branch, a new option is offered to check it out right away for increased efficiency.


Layout Inheritance

In Studio Designer, layouts mimic the document type you inherit from:

  • When your document type inherits from a default document type like File for instance, layouts look just like a Web UI file instead of a generic one.
  • When it inherits from a custom document type, we copy what you configured for it whenever possible in order for you to start from the basis you expect.

Default document types are handled too: for instance when overriding a folderish document, the view layout now provides configuration you can easily tweak.

Other Noteworthy Mentions

  • Studio Designer shows a warning when it can't load due to invalid configuration (NXS-5595)
  • When using LTS 2019 with HF19+, the login page is generated correctly (NXS-5660)
  • Studio warns when trying to create a tag name that already exists (NXS-5186)
  • Release dates are shown in the Studio maven repository (NXS-5464)
  • Studio shows a popup to re authenticate whenever your session has ended to prevent any configuration loss (NXS-5485).
  • Workflow node variable constraints are correctly saved (NXS-5583).

Learn More

More information about released changes and fixed bugs is available in our bug tracking tool.

Previous Release Notes

 Release Date  Summary
December 2019 Layout Inheritance for faster layout configuration
October / November 2019 Easier access to other services, scripts creation from Studio Modeler business logic screens
August / September 2019 Package listing performance improvements, automation scripting scrolling bug fixed
July 2019 Configure searches on file type or size, better help for page providers configuration
May / June 2019 More consistent layouts, new options in page provider screen.
April 2019 Support to select all schemas in page providers, improved support for workflow graph definition.
March 2019 Easier search configuration, override Web UI default configuration, select your default theme in a click.
February 2019 Introducing the Layout Blocks and Git Status bar as well as an easier folderish documents configuration.
January 2019 Studio Designer interface improvements.
December 2018 Faster layouts configuration.
November 2018 Firefox support for Studio Designer, performance improvements, drag and drop schema properties in Studio Designer and information about your subscription status.
October 2018 Develop faster with Git access and Quick Switcher, JSF to Web UI migration early access release.
September 2018 Introducing Git access for Studio Designer.
June 2018 Application definition supports private package selection, introducing token management for enhanced security.
May 2018 Selecting dependencies makes their content automatically available for use in Studio. There are several other usability improvements in Studio Designer that make life easier.
April 2018 This release makes it easier to create a document type when using Web UI.
April 2018 You can now configure your project as a real application containing dependencies on any public addon without having to make a dedicated custom bundle. This release also brings improvements to our Maven integration.
March 2018 A REST API to trigger Studio releases, a revamped editor for page providers results and the ability to declare constraints for workflow variables and node variables.

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