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Discover the changes we brought in our latest Nuxeo Studio updates.


Upcoming Changes

New Forms Menu in Studio Designer

This menu will let you create reusable sets of properties, that can be used in your layouts afterwards.
For example, you could define a form where you would change the elements configuration, then make sure these changes apply to all your document type layouts by reusing it.

At this stage forms can only be used when switching to code in a layout. A future update will allow them to be dragged and dropped from the catalog in the visual editor mode as well.

Increased Scope for JSF UI to Web UI Migration Tool

JSF UI form layouts are migrated as forms in Studio Designer.

Content views containing parameters are supported, query parameters are mapped to page provider predicates.

Git Actions Update

Some actions found in the header today will be moved into a new status bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a first step towards providing greater consistency in the Nuxeo Online Services ecosystem.

Some changes will also happen to the Git actions at the same time:

  • All conflicts will be visible at once so you can better understand the result of merging a branch.
  • In advanced mode, commit and push actions will be separated so that we can display the commits you will push and what they contain before you decide to do it or not.

Other Upcoming Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Blob fields are properly handled in workflow tasks layouts (NXS-5023).
  • Workflows task drawing is correctly handled (NXS-4682).
  • A warning is given when you create a query using the deprecated trash management behavior in content views (NXS-5054).

Released Changes

Studio Designer Interface Improvements

Layouts and UI menus in Studio Designer are now merged into a single menu to be more consistent with Studio Modeler and provide an smoother user experience.

Menus change as following:

  • Layouts are integrated as menu option (non-expanded by default).

Layouts Change

  • The former Document Pages entry becomes Tabs.

Document Pages Change

  • Left Menu Items and Main Menu Pages are merged into a dedicated Drawer menu.

Left Menu Items Change

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Tags can be pushed using Git access (NXS-4882).
  • Default layouts are not generated when missing (NXS-5078).

Previous Release Notes

Release Date Summary
December 2018 Faster layouts configuration.
November 2018 Firefox support for Studio Designer, performance improvements, drag and drop schema properties in Studio Designer and information about your subscription status.
October 2018 Develop faster with Git access and Quick Switcher, JSF to Web UI migration early access release.
September 2018 Introducing Git access for Studio Designer.
June 2018 Application definition supports private package selection, introducing token management for enhanced security.
May 2018 Selecting dependencies makes their content automatically available for use in Studio. There are several other usability improvements in Studio Designer that make life easier.
April 2018 This release makes it easier to create a document type when using Web UI.
April 2018 You can now configure your project as a real application containing dependencies on any public addon without having to make a dedicated custom bundle. This release also brings improvements to our Maven integration.
March 2018 A REST API to trigger Studio releases, a revamped editor for page providers results and the ability to declare constraints for workflow variables and node variables.
February 2018 Studio now handles lost sessions gracefully, and provides advanced configuration patterns for JSF UI layouts' widgets.
January 2018 Studio will now show your work in progress changes, commits to push or pull. It can be used to monitor your work status, and also to review configuration changes made by others.

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