March 5, 2018

Updated: April 3, 2024


  • A REST API to trigger Studio releases
  • A revamped editor for page providers results
  • Ability to declare constraints for workflow variables and node variables

REST API for Studio Releases

A REST API to create releases for your Studio project is now available. This new feature comes bundled with a set of changes to make your development flow and continuous integration setup easier.

Simplified Maven GAV

In any branch, Studio will now display a simplified Maven GAV for your snapshots, that you can use to set up your continuous integration.

Studio Maven gav-ci
Studio Maven gav-ci

In contrast to previous Studio versions, this Maven GAV remains the same even after a release. Notice also that two options are provided depending on whether you want to test your work in progress, or only changes committed in the shared branch.

Simplified Release Creation UI

The release creation popup is simplified in the Studio UI.

Studio release ui
Studio release ui

It no longer uses a next version number. Instead, it offers suggestions based on the latest release performed in the current branch.

Rest API for Studio Releases

Releases can also be performed through a REST API to automate your release process. Below is an example.


Authorization: Basic base64({username}:{password})
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

    "revision": "{branch_name}",
    "versionName": "(M.m.p-q|MAJOR|MINOR|PATCH)"


Content-Type: application/json

    "version": "M.m.p-q",
    "bundleSymbolicName": "studio.extensions.{project_id}",
    "mavenCoordinates": "{project_group_id}:{project_id}:M.m.p-q"

Similarly to the Studio UI, Studio decides on the version number to create based on your input and last release performed. Check the how to release your Studio project documentation for more information on this new endpoint.

Revamped Table Layout Editor

With this release comes a totally revamped visual editor for Studio Designer. It can be used to:

Compared to its previous version, the user interface has been simplified; it is more consistent and user-friendly.

Constraints on Node and Workflow Variables

Constraints can be defined on workflow variables and node variables. When defining a new variable, press the Edit button to decide on the rules to set.

Field Configuration Constraint
Field Configuration Constraint

Field Configuration constraints 2
Field Configuration constraints 2

These constraints are defined at core level, meaning that they will be enforced in all cases: not only in the task forms but also when using automation operations, the REST API or even custom code.

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Custom automation chains and scripts will now be suggested in Studio Designer when creating an action (NXS-4529).
  • Facet for document tagging is now exposed in Studio for Nuxeo Server 9.10 and up (NXS-4486).
  • In Studio Designer actions screen, help is now consistent with creation options (NXS-4482).
  • New event handlers will only apply to the regular document by default to prevent the error of trying to update an archived version (NXS-4471).
  • Generated configuration for aggregate widgets does not depend on the widget mode anymore (NXS-4490).

More information about bugs fixed in this version is available in our bugtracking tool.