May 2022

Updated: April 3, 2024

Manual Field in Default Sort

When adding a field to default sort in a page provider, previously, the only options available were default and created schemas and associated fields. We’ve now added a "manual entry" to the list of sort fields, with an editable text entry. Note, this text entry will be submitted as is, with no further checks.

Only Released Versions Will Be Considered by App Definition in Studio

In the application definition page, for each dependency package, there is a check to determine if a newer version of the package exists. This used to take into account SNAPSHOT versions, these will no longer be considered.

The Run Function Will Be Automatically Added

When creating a new script from an event handler or a workflow task, the run function is not declared. It will now be automatically added to new automation scripts.

Project Listing Lazy Load

The listing for Projects in Connect will now be lazy loaded, which will reduce load times significantly for organisations with many projects.

CLID Update

We’ve updated the process resolving security and access for CLIDs. This should improve alignment between base maintenance services and CLIDs.

Resolved Multi-layer Override Error

An error Validation error: The prefix 'mydoc' already exists in the default application. can occur when saving an overridden Document Type with certain schemas attached. This has been resolved.