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What Is Early Access Program?

The early access program offers an opportunity to:

  • benefit from new stable features before everyone else
  • be part of the community and co-create with us
  • give your feedback directly to the developers and have more influence on priorities

Why Early Access if They Are Stable Already?

Early access features are exposed through this program when they are partially complete. A typical example could be a tool that only support a limited number of browsers, or a configuration screen that does not expose yet all advanced options people may need.

Our goal is to deliver features and get your feedback sooner, so we can adjust our priorities and better match your needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

Early access program is free of charge for all our customers.

Which Features Are Currently in Early Access?

Currently available:

Coming soon:

  • Designer Live Preview: an improvement to our browser extension that makes development faster by providing an instant preview of your Web UI configuration, instead of having to go through a hot reload.

Can I Select Which Early Access Features I Want / Who Can Use Them?

Early access features are activated on a per project basis. You can enable and disable them at will. When enabled, all early access features are available to anyone having access to the project.

How Do I Join?

Early access program is opt-in. To activate it on a Studio project, you need to be granted the project owner role by our support team: simply open a support ticket to request it. This role gives you the possibility to edit your project settings, including enabling or disabling early access features.

How Do I Enable or Disable Early Access?

Once you have the project owner role, to enable or disable early access:

  • Go to the My Applications tab in your Nuxeo Online Services dashboard.
  • Access project settings by clicking the project name
  • Press the edit icon to edit project settings and select whether early access features should be available or not, then save.
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