July 2022

Updated: April 3, 2024

Disable/Re-enable Features Coming from Dependencies

We keep improving our Multi-layer feature, by adding the possibility of disabling certain features being contributed by a dependency. The following features are concerned:

  • DocType
  • Event Handler
  • OperationType (chain and script)
  • LifeCycle
  • Structured Template

This change is particularly relevant to features such as Event Handlers that can have impacts outside their scope.

Please note: disabled features can be re-enabled with some exceptions, please use the override functionality in such instances. This functionality is only available from the LTS 2021.17.

ElasticSearch Mapping

The ElasticSearch Mapping feature is now publicly accessible to all users.

Page Provider Fixes

We’ve made several fixes to page providers:

  • We’ve added the missing predicate operators for lists of date, integer, long and double (Between, <, <=, >, >=).
  • ecm:versionVersionableId can now be added as a predicate, fixing a validation error in designer.
  • Addition of the video:frameRate property in selectable predicate/aggregate fields.

Facets in Event Handler list

Facets created in the Facet Manager did not appear in a Event Listeners “Current document has facet” filter. They now appear.


We’ve optimised loading times for projects with many dependencies.