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  • Local Types: Lists the document types that you have created.
  • Built-in Types: Lists the document types available by default on the platform.
  • Workflows: Lists the workflows that you have created.
  • Page Providers: Lists the page providers that you have created.

On documents (local types and built-in types for example), 5 layouts are available to let you customize the creation, edition, import, metadata and the view of your documents.

Once customized, layouts are displayed with a bold font.

Configuring Multivalued Fields

When drag and dropping a multivalued field or a complex multivalued field into a layout, the corresponding element is automatically set to nuxeo-data-table. Clicking on the element, then on the pencil icon will allow you to edit it.

Data Table Element
Data Table Element

From there, the field (or each sub field in the case of a complex multivalued field) is shown as a table with a column containing the element. Clicking on an element will display its properties on the right side of the screen so that you can configure it.

Table Editor Element Properties
Table Editor Element Properties

You may edit the field's label directly in the column title. Labels can be translated by entering the [[i18n('your.translation.key')]] pattern.

Table Editor Layout Complex Multivalued
Table Editor Layout Complex Multivalued

Don't Add More Fields
Although the editor allows you to drag and drop additional fields in this context at the moment, you should only edit the existing fields to keep your layout working properly.

Finally, when dealing with complex multivalued fields:

  • Sub fields can be reordered by drag and dropping them around in the layout.
  • A sub field can be deleted by hovering on it and clicking the trash icon.

Table Editor Delete
Table Editor Delete

Only Use the Trash Icon
When hovering on an element in a document or workflow task layout, only the trash icon should be used at the moment. Using the sortable toggle (arrows icon) or the visibility toggle (eye icon) may prevent your layout from working properly.

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